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On this page we compile the most recent farm safety news bulletins affecting farm workers and labourers in the UK. We will be updating this section, so feel free to check back regularly for any potential updates.

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Follow Safe Stop

LKL supports the Farm Safety Partnership who for the next quarter will be focusing on promoting safety messages covering Transport Safety Risks.

This month the reminder to all Farmers is to follow the Safe Stop Procedure
Follow Safe stop

  • Put the handbrake on.
  • Make sure the controls are in neutral (equipment made safe).
  • Stop the engine (or turn off the power).
  • Remove the key (or lock-off the power supply.


When to Follow Safe stop:

  • Before leaving the driver’s seat/operating position,
  • When anyone else approaches;
  • Before anyone carries out maintenance, adjustments or to deal with a blockage. 

Here at LKL we love this novel Keyring idea  - a great idea shared  - maybe you get get some made for your own vehicle keys ?

follow safe stop

The Importance of Head Protection

Sit astride ATV’s are not fitted with a cab or roll bar and so head protection is vital. Many UK Fatalities involving ATV’s have been as a result of drivers not wearing Head protection. 

The type of Helmets that should be worn include Motorcycle helmets, Mountaineering Helmets, specialist ATV helmets and should have a chin strap and be capable of being worn with goggles. 

Forestry helmets or hard hats are not suitable. 

Check out our Quad Bike section on our Health & Safety pages for more information.

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head protection atv

LKL Supports the Farm Safety Partnership's campaign on Safe Working at Heights

The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) is promoting a Safe Working at Height message throughout October to December.

During these months a lot of farm maintenance is carried out and last year there were 7 fatalities from falls at height whilst carrying out these types of jobs. In addition, there were a large number of injuries, some of which may have been life changing.

Read the complete document here for questions to ask yourself before working at height.

risks working at height farm

Farm Safety Week - Tilly pass your Trailer

Have you looked at your vehicle maintenance? With harvesting time coming up it is a good idea to check maintenance of tractors and trailers.

Jane Christian Allen has been working tirelessly in memory of her son, Harry, who died in a trailer accident, to raise awareness of the importance of trailer maintenance checks.

Tilly Your Trailer is a trailer safety campaign to encourage farmers to get their trailers annually serviced and to perform daily checks to ensure they are safe prior to use.

The Tilly Test (named after the family dog) is an 18 point check carried out by approved testers to ensure that new and used trailers are reliable and safe. All testers are fully trained mechanics and undertake vetting to become testers.

All trailers that have been serviced and tested by approved mechanics display a red Tilly sticker to indicate that the trailer is safe.   

Learn more about the Tilly your Trailer scheme here.

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