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On this page we compile the most recent farm safety news bulletins affecting farm workers and labourers in the UK. We will be updating this section, so feel free to check back regularly for any potential updates.

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Farm Safety Week - Tilly pass your Trailer

Have you looked at your vehicle maintenance? With harvesting time coming up it is a good idea to check maintenance of tractors and trailers.

Jane Christian Allen has been working tirelessly in memory of her son, Harry, who died in a trailer accident, to raise awareness of the importance of trailer maintenance checks.

Tilly Your Trailer is a trailer safety campaign to encourage farmers to get their trailers annually serviced and to perform daily checks to ensure they are safe prior to use.

The Tilly Test (named after the family dog) is an 18 point check carried out by approved testers to ensure that new and used trailers are reliable and safe. All testers are fully trained mechanics and undertake vetting to become testers.

All trailers that have been serviced and tested by approved mechanics display a red Tilly sticker to indicate that the trailer is safe.   

Learn more about the Tilly your Trailer scheme here.

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HSE to Focus on Livestock Handling Practices During Inspections

The HSE have stated that they will be focusing on livestock handling practices during their targeted inspections this year. This is because after transport risks, livestock related incidents were the second highest cause of fatalities in 2017-18.

The main causes of accidents were as a result of :

  • Poor Livestock handling equipment
  • Ineffective methods of moving animals
  • Misjudging cattle strength, speed and behaviour
  • Lack of physical ability to work with cattle.

The Farm Safety partnership are encouraging all farmers to review their livestock handling practices over the next 12 months.

A race and a crush should be essential pieces of cattle handling equipment and should be kept well maintained.  

Ensure that staff are adequately trained and competent and know the risks of handling cattle.

An effective system for culling dangerous and temperamental animals should be in place  - this becomes even more important if you have older staff .

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‘Mind Your Head’ Campaign

Last month saw the Farm Safety Foundation supporting the 'Mind Your Head' Campaign, to raise awareness and encourage everyone to talk about mental health and wellbeing. 
Mental health is just as important as any other health issue - so it’s important to know that you can talk about it and that you’re not alone.

Farmers often work long hours and have to deal with stressful situations. It is important to know that there is support out there if you don't feel you can talk to family, friends or colleagues

We have compiled a list of mental health support groups. You can see them here.

HSE Announces Focus on Improving Farming Safety Standards in 2019 

With a focus on improving safety in agriculture, the HSE are planning to inspect a number of farms in the first quarter of the year. 

In particular, they will be focusing on key farm safety topics that cause lots of serious accidents and fatalities or health issues across the industry .
Their recently released guide, 'What a good Farm looks like', provides a straight forward guide for farmers on where they should start to focus their attentions to get farm safety right.


Farm Safety Week 2019 

Farm Safety Week is only around the corner (15th - 19th July) and it's a good time to take a look at Farm Safety standards on the farm and if there is any change you can make to improve Safety - Big or Small .

The NFU are encouraging farmers in the lead up to the campaign, to share stories of innovative improvements and behaviour changes they have made to improve safety on their farm.

The NFU provide some good guidance leaflets on key topic areas that are known to be the highest risk, including Farm transport and in particular Tractor and Trailers, that have been linked to some of the causes of farming fatalities in 2017/18.

Check out this link for advice: Farm Safety Advice Leaflets

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