Mental Health Helplines

Here at LKL we know that dairy farming can be a sometimes stressful and isolating job. We know that the health and welfare of your herd is your utmost priority, but we want you to be sure that you are looking after your own health and welfare too.

We are here to support you, but we all need to spread awareness in the rural community of other sources of help.

Mental Health has been an important topic for 2017 and talking about it and raising awareness is helping to break the stigma. We all have friends and family who struggle with their mental health from time to time.

If you don’t feel you can speak to friends, family, colleagues, your Regional Manager or GP then listed below is a compilation of known charities and organisations for those times when you need somebody independent to talk to for help, reassurance and advice. They have been established to specifically help farming communities; so do not hesitate to pick up the phone or email.

Farming Community Network (FCN) Helpline

Tel: 0300 111 999



‘We provide a sympathetic ear to those who seek our help and all cases are treated non-judgmentally and with complete confidentiality.’

FCN can help with those affected by stress, depression, isolation, long-term ill health and alcohol and drug dependency.

We have more than 400 volunteers across England and Wales on hand to provide emotional and practical support. FCN says: - ‘There are far too many cases of farmers who feel that they cannot see a future and find themselves driven to considering suicide. Please don’t struggle – let us help you NOW, before you reach that point.’’ Please call our Helpline 03000 111 999 – we may be able to help.

‘All calls to the Helpline are treated confidentially and whatever difficulties you face, the first step is to talk to someone.’

Farming Help

Farming Help operates a confidential ‘umbrella’ helpline on behalf of four separate agricultural charities:

Addington Fund,

  • The Farming Community Network,
  • RABI (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution) and RSABI (formerly known as the Royal Scottish
  • Agricultural Benevolent Institution).

By calling Farming Help on 03000 111 999 -anyone who works in agriculture can gain access to support and advice from any of these charities.In this way people can quickly find help on anything from depression, to financial problems or even housing advice.

YANA: Help for those in farming who may be affected by stress and depression.

Helpline: 0300 323 0400

YANA provides unique support and advice for the wide farming community from sympathetic GPs and counsellors.

Remember the first port of call may be to speak to your GP and there are other helpline services such as;

Other recent independent services include; the Dr Julian app:- which provides a free health assessment and connection to a variety of professionals for a video call. The National Farmers Union and Farming community Networks are backing a campaign to include mental health in the curriculum for Farming and Rural education.