Quad Bike Safety

Quad Bikes are a useful piece of equipment and are widely used on farms, however used inappropriately they can be highly dangerous and can cause serious injuries and fatalities if involved in accidents.

The key safety messages are to

  • Always ensure you are adequately trained and certificated and have attended a formal training course.
  • Always ensure that the Quad bike is appropriate for the use and the terrain that you have on farm and is well maintained. Could a safer type of ATV be used, such as a Gator?
  • Always wear the correct head protection.
  • Always inspect any unusual route before driving it to see if it is safe for a Quad.

It is important to discuss the dangers of using Quad bikes unsafely with your Farm team and ensure that they remember all the safe working practices. The following videos can be useful to help get the safety message across.

It should be noted that it is important to carry out a risk assessment prior to using any quad bike in difficult terrain involving steep slopes, rough ground or water. This should take into account both the capabilities of the vehicle and the capabilities, skills and experience of the operator, and suitability of the vehicle for the terrain.

The assessment may conclude that a Quad bike is not suitable, and that another type of ATV with a cab/ROPS such as a Gator may be more suitable.

Drivers should not take any unnecessary risks to get the job done and should always carry out an inspection of the route and terrain prior to driving as shown on the video.

All operators should be adequately trained and instructed in the safe use of work equipment prior to use.

The following videos provide useful information and warnings regarding the operation of ATVs, however LKL is not responsible for external content, and recommends all ATV users undertake formal training prior to using ATVs at their workplace.

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