Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies) launches its annual Mind Your Head Campaign. 12th-16th February 2024

Posted on 13 Feb 2024
Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies) launches its annual Mind Your Head Campaign. 12th-16th February 2024

Farm Safety Foundation - is the charity leading the campaign to raise awareness of protecting the physical and mental wellbeing of those living and working in the farming sector.

It will be launching its 7th Annual 'Mind Your Head' campaign on the 12-16th February to raise the importance of Farmer Mental Health.

Recent research by the Farm safety Foundation has highlighted that poor mental health is still a big concern amongst farmers of all ages. In particular, younger farmers agree that poor mental health on farm is also directly linked to poor safety behaviours due to work related stress impairing judgement.

Farmers are likely to be more distracted and spend much less time giving safety a priority and increasing risk taking behaviours.

It again shows you how important it is to focus on your mental well being and look after yourself and your colleagues.

It will have a direct impact on your physical health as you will start taking care of yourself better and will have benefit to the safety and efficiency of the farm.

By taking care of your mental health, your safety on farm, and therefore much of your physical health, is likely to improve.

Mental Health issues are a normal part of life and every year at least 1 and 4 of us will experience at least one mental health issue - so it's important to normalise the issue and give each other the opportunity to talk and provide support.

Make the effort to connect with colleagues and ensure the Team works together to look out for each other’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Put aside time each day to check in with each other. Learn how to provide support, including knowing how to spot the warning signs and being confident to signpost colleagues to the support available.

Farm Safety Foundation’s ‘Little Book Of Minding Your Head’ is a great resource to find out more about mental wellbeing, with information and advice on how you can look after yourself and take care of others. It also lists many of the fantastic organisations across the UK who are offering emotional support and practical help. It includes a list of resources and helplines.

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The Little Book of Minding Your Head

Remember you can always reach out to your Regional Manager if you have any worries or concerns or just want a chat.

Our Regional Manager and H&S trainer, James Picot, is also a Mental Health First Aider and is happy to receive your call.

To read the February Safety Note and more information on resources - click here.

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