Let’s Talk about Farm Safety - Check out these Farm Safety Podcasts

Posted on 2 May 2023
Let’s Talk about Farm Safety - Check out these Farm Safety Podcasts

It’s good to talk:- and sharing our experiences is a common reality of human existence. Not only do we like to talk about what has happened to us, we like to listen to how other people have reacted in similar situations.

Sharing our farm safety experiences should be no different. Just as everyone has a different approach to certain tasks, so too can we learn about ways to improve our on-farm health and safety by hearing of other's methods.


Sharing 'near misses' and lessons learned is also a useful way to help each other learn by our mistakes and ensure improved safety. Proactively talking about farm safety will keep it fresh in everyone’s mind and make it the normality to Think & Plan before Acting and ensure safety procedures are being followed.

With the launch of HSE's - 'Work Right Agriculture. Your Farm. Your Future' Campaign and the focus on transport risks, the statistically most common cause of fatalities and serious injuries across farms, there are a variety of podcasts available to listen to that promotes the farm safety message and gives examples of scenarios where it’s easy to make mistakes and take short cuts, and discusses the simple safety procedures that everybody should just get in the habit of doing, such as 'Safe Stop'.

In this new podcast, HSE agriculture sector lead Adrian Hodkinson and Eve Macready-Jones, from HSE’s agricultural policy team talk to Farmers Guardian’s news team about the launch of the Work Right Agriculture ‘Your farm. Your future’ campaign, detailing simple steps you can take today to help keep you and everyone on your farm safe.

Check out the Farmer Guardian's podcast 'Over the Farm Gate' episode here.

In launching the Work Right Agriculture campaign this month, HSE have also released a podcast on Transport Safety with HSE’s Agriculture Sector Lead, Adrian Hodkinson, and is joined by safety instructor and farmer, Brian Rees; to discuss some of the most common issues they see on farms, and what small changes farmers can make to protect themselves, their families, workers, and livelihoods.

You can access a full transcript by clicking here, which is available for streaming, downloading, or reading. Additionally, the full podcast is also available.

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