LKL Launches their Annual Farm Safety Champion(s) Award for Farm Safety Week 2023

Posted on 14 Jul 2023
LKL Launches their Annual Farm Safety Champion(s) Award for Farm Safety Week 2023

Here at LKL we have for a number of years been actively promoting farm health and safety awareness through our website, newsletters and active ongoing health and safety awareness and refresher training provided by our Regional Manager, James Picot.

Good Health and Safety culture is about great leadership and setting an example - even if you are the only one committed to ensuring good standards - but doing it anyway - because you know it’s the right thing to do.

We know that on LKL Farms there are a lot of staff who work hard to encourage good health, safety and wellness standards on their farm and lead by example and demonstrate safe working practices on a daily basis.

In order to celebrate and promote that hard work to others - the LKL Safety Committee has decided to launch the Annual LKL Farm Safety Champion(s) Award which can be awarded to an LKL individual or LKL farming team who has been active in practically demonstrating their commitment to improving health, safety and wellness on their farm and the safety culture.

This safety leadership could be demonstrated via a variety of means - here are few examples:-

  • always following health and safety training and staying up to date,
  • taking time to stop, think and risk assess jobs, ensuring that they, and the rest of the team follow safe systems of work to carry out work activities,
  • leading by example and always wearing their PPE even when others forget to,
  • raising the awareness about work equipment safety, taking time to ensure that equipment is well maintained and guards are in place and in good condition
  • working to maintain a safe working environment, such as good general housekeeping in all work and storage areas
  • looking out for others on the farm and increasing awareness about safety hazards and sharing safety tips
  • demonstrating their commitment to improving safety standards both on their farm and also raising awareness in their local community

From July until December we will be asking our Regional Managers to look out for, and nominate an individual member of LKL staff or LKL Team who consistently demonstrate good Health and Safety standards and leadership to be our Annual LKL Farm Safety Champion(s).

In December we will draw up a shortlist of 3 nominations towards the award and this will be announced at our Annual Conference in April 2024 along with the existing Award categories.

We will feature and celebrate the proactive work in health and safety of the top 3 chosen nominations in our Newsletter/website etc.

See also our July safety note for more info.

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