Scotland Farmers discuss Farmstrong Initiative

Posted on 9 Nov 2022
Scotland Farmers discuss Farmstrong Initiative

BBC recently reported on the Farmstrong Initiative that has launched in Scotland and been supported by Movember funding.

They spoke to Farmers who readily admitted that 'Farmers are very good at looking after livestock and not themselves'.

They said that when things get challenging then it’s more difficult to focus on themselves and their health and how they are feeling.

Mr Gibson a farmer from Moray said: "We're all very good at talking about animal health, soil health, crop health, and all these things."

"I would like it to become as normal to talk about human health and how we look after ourselves as well as our livestock."

Him and a friend have signed up to the initiative Farmstrong which looks to support farmers.

First established in New Zealand in 2015, and now being adopted in Scotland, the goal is to give farmers the skills to "live well, farm well, and get the most out of life."

It looks at improving health and wellbeing, including sleep, exercise, and social interaction with peer groups.

Scotland Farmers discuss Farmstrong Initiative

Mr Gibson said - "It’s helpful as farmers are getting out and they're getting off-farm and they're speaking to their peers, learning about what they do to actually look after themselves, and focus on making sure they're physically and mentally fit, ready to face day-to-day farming challenges."

The Farming Community Network (FCN) has been offering support across England and Wales and resources can be found on its 'FarmWell' website covering building 'personal resilience'.

FarmWell aims to help you with anything you need to help improve your personal and business resilience. But if you need further support and want to talk to a sympathetic person who understands farmers and rural life, call the FCN helpline: 03000 111999.

In Herefordshire a charity 'We Are Farming Minds' provides support to the Herefordshire Agricultural community - including funding Mental Health First Aid training. See the link below and helpline.

Helpline: 0808 802 0070

or Text: 07786 203 130

We also have the HSE document 'Fit for Farming' - covering all aspects of Mens health on the website Fit For Farming.

Please don't hesitate to contact your Regional Manager if you have any concerns or want to chat to a friendly person for support.

Or contact our Regional Manager, Trainer and Mental health First Aider, James Picot (