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2 I/C Herdsperson-Mid Sussex-JPweb2349
Mid Sussex

2 I/C Herdsperson-Mid Sussex-JPweb2349, Mid Sussex

Added 13 Jan 2022

Job Summary

We have a vacancy for a skilled herdsperson to work alongside the herd manager, joining an LKL team on a unit with 500 Holstein/Friesian cows near Haywards Heath.  


Job Skills

We are looking for a herdsperson who has both the technical knowledge and personnel skills necessary to work within a team who are all keen to work together to ensure the continued success of this unit.

Mid Sussex
Reference: JPweb2349

Job Description

With yields in the region of 11,000 litres per cow, the herd is milked 3X a day, calving all year, cubicle housed and TMR fed.

The vacancy offers: -

•    The opportunity to apply stock and leadership skills within a progressive farming business.
•    The chance to set your own targets and make your own results within a highly skilled and willing team.
•    Excellent umbrella style building and infra structure.  This includes a 40X40 DTL parlour with ADF, backing gate, auto wash and excellent handling/calving facilities.
•    First class family accommodation, excellent pay, and regular time off.   


LOCATION:        The farm is situated approximately one mile from the large towns of Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill which both have a huge selection of good schools, shops and facilities. The area therefore has a range of facilities within easy reach

THE FARM:    This farm is mainly grass, with maize and a small arable acreage, all for feeding livestock.  This is a family-owned estate, managed by a neighbouring farmer.  The estate also has a considerable diversification enterprise with business lets and residential lets on the farm.

THE UNIT:        At the heart of the unit is an umbrella building with all the facilities for the herd under one roof.  The housing has full fan assisted ventilation with green bedding cubicles with feed passages; these are set on both sides of the recently refitted 40:40 parlour with auto ID and ADF and rubber matted collecting yard.  The building was constructed 20 years ago, and with housing for dry/calving cows added 6 years ago and brand new purpose built calf housing and modified young stock housing added one year ago; the overall unit now provides excellent, spacious facilities for just over 500 cows plus all followers. 

THE DAIRY HERD:    Calving all year, this is a very well looked after herd, with yields now exceeding 11,000 litres.  The cows are Friesian/Holstein type and seem to be well suited to the unit. The cows are complete diet fed; the ration is maize, whole crop and grass silage with additional straights.

ACCOMODATION:    There is an excellent 3 bed detached spacious family home on the farm available free from rent, rates and council tax.

SUMMARY:    This is an excellent opportunity for a herdsperson with a track record of the key roles within a high-performance herd. We will offer a very competitive salary with 104 days off per contract 

If you believe you have the core experience and qualities necessary to make an impression by example, and are looking to further your career, please contact James Picot on 07802 596633 for more details.

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