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Assistant Herd/Stockperson-Ashwell, Hertfordshire-JPweb2128

Assistant Herd/Stockperson-Ashwell, Hertfordshire-JPweb2128, Hertfordshire

Added 6 Nov 2020

Job Summary

A contract vacancy presents the opportunity for a competent dairy enthusiast to join a team on a large mixed farming business. 

Job Skills

Key points to the position are:

• The responsibility of a key role in commercial milk production and young stock care.

• Ability to operate TMR feeding system and machinery

• The chance to join an enthusiastic and dedicated farming team/ business.

Reference: JPweb2128

Job Description

The team care for 240 cows calving all year.    The herd is TMR fed and set to be milked through new facilities in 2021 with auto ID/Heat time, ADF and shedding/handling area.

The housing for the herd has already been through a comprehensive refurbishment; reflected in the performance of the cows.

We are also able to offer with this position a very competitive remuneration package with 127-days off per year, and a well-equipped 2-bedroom house, free from rent, rates and council tax, pleasantly situated on the farm.  


LOCATION: The farm is situated in Ashwell, a picturesque, highly sought after village to live in, which has first class primary and secondary schools and every facility you and a family could wish for.

THE FARM: The unit is part of a family farming business, of around 1200 acres in total.  This is a family owned business with the owner taking an active interest and role on the farm as a whole.  

THE UNIT: The unit will have a new 20:40 parlour, DTL with ADF, ACR’s auto ID and heat time/shedding.  With new collecting yard, cow handling and calving area all well laid out on this modernised unit.  Feeding is in a central passage using a feed wagon and the cows are cubicle housed. The dry and youngstock are housed on the unit in buildings all set out with feed mangers etc.  There has been a full refurbishment of the cow accommodation with cubicles, rubber matting and building modification; this is a progressive unit.

DAIRY HERD: Calving is all year; this is a commercial herd of 240 Friesian/Holstein cows, with yields around 10,000 litres.  

ACCOMMODATION: A 2-bedroom house will be available, on the unit, free from rent rates and council tax.  

REMUNERATION: Subject to age and experience.

TIME OFF: This is a 238-day contract, with therefore 127-days off per contract year.

SUMMARY: This is an excellent opportunity for a competent dairy stock person looking to work with stock, taking responsibility for the care and production of the milking herd. As well as TMR and dry/young stock feeding.  The role will include general veterinary stock/dairy tasks.

If you are looking for a professional, rewarding role which will value your strengths, please contact James Picot on 07802 596633.

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