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Beef Stockman/Tractor Driver-Chiddingly, East Sussex-JPweb2025
East Sussex

Beef Stockman/Tractor Driver-Chiddingly, East Sussex-JPweb2025, East Sussex

Added 10 Feb 2020

Job Summary

A contract is available for a livestock minded person with both livestock and machinery skills on a purpose built rearing and finishing beef unit. 

Job Skills

With an emphasis on initiative, responsibility and attention to detail across the range of tasks; the successful applicant will work with a complete range of up to date equipment and responsibilities will include:

• Computerised registering and performance monitoring of cattle on outlying units.

• Straw Bedding / Relief complete diet feeding of all stock throughout the year.

• Cattle weighing, general vet/med and livestock duties.

• Taking an occasional role with silage harvesting and grassland operations.

East Sussex
Reference: JPweb2025

Job Description

The operation base will house and finish over 1000 head of stock at any one time, with additional units rearing cattle to the point of their moving to the home finishing unit.

The position offers practical and technical responsibilities, job satisfaction, regular time off, good accommodation and excellent remuneration. 

If you are looking for a unique opportunity for your career, within the beef industry, please contact James Picot on 07802 596633.

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