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Head Herdsperson-Cullompton, Devon-HHweb2035

Head Herdsperson-Cullompton, Devon-HHweb2035, Devon

Added 6 Mar 2020

Job Summary

Due to our excellent herdsperson retiring after 15 years in the role, we have a vacancy for an enthusiastic and conscientious herdsperson to take over the day-to- day running of this high yielding 280 cow herd on the edge of Cullompton in Devon. 

Job Skills

The successful candidate will be expected to milk at least once a day, deal with lame cows, though a foot trimmer does the routine trimming,  manage fertility to include AI, be proactive with herd health, do all herd record keeping and be involved in all aspects of herd management. 

Reference: HHweb2035

Job Description

Cows are milked twice daily through a 16/32 Westphalia herringbone parlour, cubicle housed, TMR fed with average yields in excess of 10,500 litres per cow and milk sold to Tesco.  Replacements are all home bred and reared on farm. 

We will offer an excellent package to the successful candidate to include accommodation options, a generous salary and regular time off.  For an informal discussion please ring Henry Hare on 07531 335294.

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