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Herd Manager-Wiltshire-TJweb2073

Herd Manager-Wiltshire-TJweb2073, Wiltshire

Added 30 Jun 2020

Job Summary

We have a new contract vacancy for an experienced Herd Manager to undertake the day-to-day running of this split calving herd of H/F cows currently producing in excess of 7000ltrs, supplying milk on a premium contract. 

Job Skills

The ideal candidate needs to have a good mix of technical skills, stockmanship and practical ability and the experience to manage a milking team and other farm staff.  Grazing management, to include regular plate metering, will be an essential part of the role as an extensive programme of track laying and water has been undertaken.


Reference: TJweb2073

Job Description

Good facilities provide excellent working conditions and include a 20/40 DTL H/B parlour with ACR’s and in parlour feeding – 2 people in parlour.  Whilst this is not a non-milking role, parlour time will be limited as there is a dedicated milking team. The cows are required to make good use of grazing but are fed a TMR ration all year round. The cows are housed in recently erected sheds on sawdust bedded cubicles with mattresses with wide passages.

An attractive 4-bedroom detached house, with c/h and d/g and a large garden, is available within walking distance of the unit and will be provided rent free. 



Location: The farm is located on the edge of the Longleat Safari Park which is 15 miles south of Bath and has very easy access to the A303 and rail networks.

Farm Description:  High House Farm is home to a very well-bred herd of 750 H/F cows currently yielding in excess of 7000ltrs.  High House Farm extends to 1000 acres and this area is entirely dedicated to forage production in the form of grass and maize.  Herd replacements will be all home reared.  Significant investment over the last 7 years has allowed for this modern unit to be developed providing superb facilities.  A new parlour set up is the next planned investment. 

• Autumn and Spring block calving

• Yields over 7000ltrs – half from forage

• 20/40 DTL HB parlour with milk meters

• ACR’s, dumpline and Backing Gate 

• Auto ID, auto in parlour feeding

• Sawdust bedded cubicle housing & TMR feeding

• NMR recorded and on farm Interherd records


• To take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the dairy unit.

• To take responsibility for the welfare and management of both the milking herd and the young / dry stock.

• To ensure all stock are cared for to the highest standards of husbandry in accordance with the Herd Health Policy.

• To be responsible for the monitoring and control of lameness / routine foot trimming, heat detection and calving etc.

• To be responsible for maintaining the tight block calvings

• To ensure the cows are milked in accordance with farm policy including frequency and cell count / bactoscan management.

• To maintain all statutory and managerial records on the farm computer.

• Youngstock and general stock work.

Accommodation:  An attractive very large detached 4-bedroom farmhouse is available on the unit with c/h and partial d/g.  It has a large garden and garage facilities.  It will be provided free from rent.

Remuneration:  An excellent package is on offer for the right candidate to include a very generous salary, regular time off and good relief.

General comment:  This is an exciting opportunity for someone with a proven record of hygienic milk production to take a lead role with this superb unit.  It will require someone able to demonstrate attention to detail and be proactive in terms of milking routines and procedures in order to maintain and continually improve both herd health and milk quality.  A keen interest in / experience of grazing management including grass measurement would be a significant advantage. 

For an informal discussion please contact Trevor Jolley on 07766 912481.

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