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Herdsperson-Billingshurt, West Sussex-JPweb2056
West Sussex

Herdsperson-Billingshurt, West Sussex-JPweb2056, West Sussex

Added 7 May 2020

Job Summary

We have a contract vacancy which has arisen on a family farming business in a well positioned part of West Sussex with excellent up to date facilities with a complete green field site unit constructed in 2015.

Job Skills

You will have the scope to develop your skills and use your own initiative, covering every aspect of modern herdcare and management with training and support where needed from this dedicated family business.  


West Sussex
Reference: JPweb2056

Job Description

The dairy unit comprises of a herd of 210 Friesian/Holstein cows being milked and housed on an autumn block calving system. The herd grazes during the season and is TMR fed and sand cubicle housed during the winter. 

We can offer a first class working environment, accommodation to suit your needs and remuneration based on experience.    If you have a solid platform of experience to build on, would relish this opportunity and would like more details; we would like to hear from you.  Please contact James Picot on 07802 596633.



LOCATION: The farm is near Horsham; the area therefore has a huge range of facilities within easy reach as the large town is no more than 6 miles away.

THE FARM: This farm is about 500 acres in total, with grass and maize for the dairy herd.  This is a family owned business with them all actively involved; to complete the team they need a herdsperson to take responsibility for the majority of the milking and day-to-day care of the herd. The older youngstock are housed on an off lying rented farm

THE UNIT: This is a very smart, 5 year old unit, it has a 24:24 DTL parlour and well laid out handling area.  The cow accommodation is sand cubicle housing and spacious feed passages for the TMR in the winter

THE DAIRY HERD: Calving in an autumn block, this is a very well looked after herd, with yields in the region of 9,000 litres.  There is an emphasis on grazing throughout the season.
ACCOMMODATION: Your accommodation needs will be met or an allowance provided.

REMUNERATION: Subject to negotiation.

TIME OFF: 85 days per contract year.

SUMMARY: If you have a proven track record of reliability, good work ethic and the basics in the dairy industry; this is a good opportunity to further your career.

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