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Herdsperson-Castle Cary-Somerset-SOweb2084

Herdsperson-Castle Cary-Somerset-SOweb2084, Somerset

Added 22 Jul 2020

Job Summary

We have a contract vacancy for an enthusiastic experienced head herdsperson on an exceptional autumn calving unit in Somerset, 2 miles from Castle Cary. 

Job Skills

The appointed persons will need to be fully experienced in AI and computer literate to be able to maintain a close calving pattern, be responsible for calving’s, weekly Vet visits during peak season, and getting calves off to a good start. An emphasis is required on being tidy and clean at all times, calm with the stock and committed 100% to the unit.

Reference: SOweb2084

Job Description

This farm runs to 500 acres growing Grass, whole-crop and maize for a herd of 300 cross-bred cows yielding above 7,000 ltrs and milked 2 x through a well maintained Westfalia 28 x 28 herringbone parlour with feeders, ACR,s backing gate and computerised ID. While housed cows have a TMR fed by tractor driver, bedded on sawdust with mattress cubicles and slatted floors. Production from forage is extremely important with block rotational grazing practiced during turnout.

A 3 bed semi-detached house with large garden will be supplied along with a competitive package.

For an informal discussion please call Steve Owens 07981 771320.

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