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Herdsperson-Cullompton, Devon-HHweb2193

Herdsperson-Cullompton, Devon-HHweb2193, Devon

Added 23 Apr 2021

Job Summary

We are seeking a herdsperson to complete the team on a 280-cow organic farm near Cullompton in Devon. 

Job Skills

You will complement the herd manager and do half the milking as well as being involved all other aspects of the dairy.  

Reference: HHweb2193

Job Description

• Mainly Autumn calved.

• Grazed for up to 9 months with plate metering.

• 24:24 fully automated parlour.

• Cubicles with auto scrapers and partial mixed ration in winter. 

• Fully hydraulic foot trimming crush.

• 3 bed house.

• Above average time off and salary.

• Easily accessible farm (10 minutes to M5).

For an informal discussion and more information please call Henry Hare on 07531 335294.

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