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Herdsperson-Gloucestershire-AGweb1879, Gloucestershire

Added 25 Mar 2019

Job Summary

We have a new contract vacancy for a Herdsperson to work with a high yielding herd of 200 Fr/Hol cows on a farm situated in the picturesque Cotswolds Hills between Bibury and Burford. 

Job Skills

The position would suit a person committed to dairying having previously gained limited experience and now looking to move up the ladder, or an established herdsperson wishing to work with good facilities and a particularly well bred herd.

Reference: AGweb1879

Job Description

The 11,000l average herd is AYR calving and milked through a 20/20 Westphalia parlour with feeders, TMR fed and grazed through the season, with milk sold on a premium contract. RMS is employed on farm together with a contract Foot Trimmer.

We offer excellent working conditions together with a very good package giving regular time off and an exceptionally nice 3-bed C/H D/G detached house set in a secluded position with enclosed garden and within easy walking distance of the dairy unit.   

For more info please contact Andrew Gassor on 07778 634429.  

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