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Herdsperson-Henfield-West Sussex-JPweb1959
West Sussex

Herdsperson-Henfield-West Sussex-JPweb1959, West Sussex

Added 9 Sep 2019

Job Summary

We have an opportunity for an enthusiastic, ambitious person to complete the primary two-man team.

Job Skills

We seek a reliable herdsperson with a solid dairy background looking to progress their career by assisting with the day to day routine and management of a 220-cow herd on a recognised tight autumn block calving, forage based system.  The herd is cubicle housed, with easy-feed grass/maize silage fed as self feed and in mangers, with concentrates fed in the 22:22 DTL parlour. 

You would have the platform to focus on herd fertility, quality milk production from forage/grazing, and have an input with the youngstock, with the added benefit of general background support from this committed farming operation. 

West Sussex
Reference: JPweb1959

Job Description

The unit has a full range of functional facilities and a positive working environment, the job also offers an attractive, 2-bedroom cottage in a local village, free from council tax and rent along with a very good income, and regular time off.

If you can pride yourself on your work ethic, enjoy being part of a team and want to progress your career within a dedicated, secure dairy business; please contact James Picot on 07802 596633 for more details.


LOCATION: The farm is situated just outside Henfield, a lovely village with a choice of primary schools, village shops and facilities.  The larger, popular towns of Horsham, Brighton, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath are all nearby with a huge selection of shops and amenities.

THE FARM: The unit is family farming operation, approximately 220 cows in a tight autumn calving block.  The farm is compact, well equipped and maintained. The owners are actively involved in the practical running of the farm.

THE UNIT: The unit comprises of a 22:22 DTL herringbone parlour. The dairy facility is compact, and in good working order. The silage clamps/feeding area complete the facilities and provide a good working environment for cows and youngstock. 

THE DAIRY HERD: Approximately 220 Friesian/Holstein cows block calved over 10 weeks from the end of August. Yields are approaching 7000 litres/cow and the focus of production is margin/litre and overall profit.  Support is available on this well staffed farm.  Once calving and serving are over, the focus is on production from forage/grazing and as time with the herd permits, maintenance and improvements on the unit.  

ACCOMMODATION: An attractive, well-equipped and immaculate 2-bedroom cottage is available, it is very near the unit in Small Dole; a quiet village about 10 minutes from the farm.  The cottage is free from rent, and the farmer pays the council tax.

REMUNERATION: Subject to negotiation, depending on age and experience.

TIME OFF: 80 days off per contract year.

SUMMARY: The unit is very well-run and importance is placed on teamwork and eliminating stress on the cows and the team.  This is a farm with a very happy working environment that would suit an ambitious person looking to establish and progress their career with an emphasis on welfare, fertility, attention to detail and teamwork.  



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