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Herdsperson-Oxfordshire-AGweb1991, Oxfordshire

Added 18 Nov 2019

Job Summary

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a competent, enthusiastic herdsperson to join with the owners at Jersey Manor Farm in the milking and management of their herd of 170 Pedigree Jersey cows and followers.

Job Skills

The person required would have or be prepared to train for both AI and footrimming skills. The position offers excellent working conditions and an acknowledgement from the owners that a person should be able to have a life outside of work.

Reference: AGweb1991

Job Description

The high yielding herd is all year calving and milked through a Boumatic 12 x12 herringbone parlour with ACR’s and feeders. Cows are loose housed with a semi TMR diet fed down a central feed passage. Breeding is predominantly AI with all youngstock reared on site. 

To this end we offer a very good remuneration package to include generous time off, together with a well-appointed ground floor one bed apartment/annexe, with an enclosed garden, free of all bills and close to the unit. For more information please contact Andrew Gassor on 07778 634429.

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