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Herdsperson-South Devon-HHweb2135

Herdsperson-South Devon-HHweb2135, Devon

Added 26 Nov 2020

Job Summary

We have a slightly unusual but exciting new contract vacancy for a herdsperson to work closely with the owner caring for 400 cows in South Devon. 

Job Skills

The main responsibilities will be to support the owner as part of the milking team as well as grazing management, herd health, AI, foot care, record keeping, and calf rearing.  


Reference: HHweb2135

Job Description

The farm is run over two sites with milking facilities and cubicles at each.  The main site has an 18:18 parlour at present but will have a new 24:48 Waikato parlour installed in early 2021. During the grazing season (up to 10 months of the year), all cows will be milked through this parlour and grazed in the surrounding pastures. In winter the other cubicles will be used as will the other parlour which is a 20:40 Westphalia.  This is a flying herd of cross bred cows that calve in autumn with the target being to produce 500kg of fat and protein from a tonne of cake.  This all grass farm is in one of the best grass producing areas of the country growing up to 18t DM/year.

In return we offer a competitive salary, regular time off (five-and-a-half-day week) and a house near the farm free from rent and council tax. 

For an informal discussion and more information please call Henry Hare on 07531 335294


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