Relief Herdsperson-Cornwall-HHweb1757

Relief Herdsperson-Cornwall-HHweb1757, Cornwall

Added 10 Jul 2018

Job Summary

We have a new contract vacancy for a dedicated and enthusiastic individual to become a dedicated relief over two units under the same management near Looe in Cornwall. 


Job Skills

We require an experienced herdsperson to assume full care of each dairy on the herdsmen’s days off. You will be responsible for milking, mastitis control, emergency lameness, calving, heat detection and records. Contracted days are negotiable with the dairy cover being the minimum but there is additional dairy young stock work also available. 

Reference: HHweb1757

Job Description

The farms extend to over 900 acres of pasture, cereals and maize. Both herds of HF cows are housed in cubicles and fed a partial mixed ration with one herd having top up in parlour and the other having out of parlour feeders.  Parlours are both De Laval one being a fairly new 32:32 the other being slightly older 14:28.   

In return, we offer a highly competitive salary and a 3 bedroom house on the edge of the village around 100 metres from one of the dairies which will be provided free from rent and council tax. 

For an informal discussion, please call Simon Collier on 07885 951105.

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