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Senior Herdsperson-NZ Grazing System-Shropshire-RSweb2260

Senior Herdsperson-NZ Grazing System-Shropshire-RSweb2260, Shropshire

Added 17 Aug 2021

Job Summary

A great opportunity has arisen for someone with a minimum of 3 years’ dairy experience to join an experienced and dynamic team milking 600 organic cows plus youngstock in north Shropshire.


Job Skills

You need to be a team player who both supports the working farm manager and herd manager and assists/trains the younger team members. You will undertake milking, grazing management, fencing, young-stock rearing, AI, foot trimming and herd health checks.

Reference: RSweb2260

Job Description

The farm has an ethos of working smarter, rather than harder. The current arrangement is to share the milking duties, one milking each, with the Herd Manager to give both the best work/life balance.

The farm has a 24/48 swing-over parlour to milk the split spring and autumn block-calving cows, with excellent handling facilities, paddock infrastructure, tracks and feed facilities. The cows are fed self-feed grass silage and grazed fodder beet  during the winter.

There is a choice of 2 or 3-bed accommodation within easy walking distance of the farm, which are included in the package.  

For an informal conversation, please ring Rob Stephenson on 07557 920255.

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