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LKL - The Company

Over half a century ago, Loring, King and Loring (LKL) pioneered the provision of relief and contract milking staff to dairy farmers. Since then, LKL Services has progressively introduced and developed additional staff-based services to meet the ever changing needs of the agricultural industry and has gained an unrivalled reputation as the leading provider of high quality personnel to farming enterprises throughout the UK. Our close ties with a large number of farms, many of which have been using LKL services for over 20 years, reflects our total commitment to meeting the needs of individual farmers by providing staff with the right skills and motivation. LKL's people expertise is also widely acknowledged by many of major farming industry's institutions and government departments, which has led to numerous introductions and subsequent business relationships.


LKL's network of field-based managers, supported by a small team of specialists based at our Salisbury headquarters, is responsible for maintaining regular contact with farm owners and managers, providing help and advice on all aspects of farming personnel management.

LKL Contract Services

Guaranteed Labour


LKL's Contract Service avoids any staff problems arising from illness, accidents or unplanned absences.

Guaranteed Standards


Having set minimum performance levels, our local regional managers will make regular visits to ensure those levels are being achieved. In addition, all LKL contracts include full indemnity against proven negligence.

Assured Accommodation


Assured vacant possession of accommodation: The accommodation you provide to LKL contract personnel is on the basis of a Service Occupancy, which means it is available for re-occupation on termination of the contract. Any costs incurred in gaining vacant possession are borne by LKL.

Costs of Staff


Costs of staffing are known and predictable: As payments are linked to performance and are fixed for 12 months you can accurately forecast your labour costs for the year ahead. Other associated costs such as employers NI contributions, sick pay and relief staff costs are all eliminated. Your cash flow is also improved as the initial payment is not due until the fifth week of the contract commencement.

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LKL Relief Services

Fully qualified relief staff

Our relief personnel have all been interviewed and assessed and their references checked. Only those who satisfy our high standards are included in our database. This ensures that the staff we provide are fully able to carry out the specific duties for which they will be employed.

Wide choice of staff capabilities

We can usually fill any type of relief vacancy, from general farm worker to farm manager.

Staff provision tailored to your needs

Relief staff can be available for as little as one week, or as long as extra help is needed.

Your safeguard

With LKL relief staff you have our assurance that we will stand surety for the quality of work undertaken.

One hourly rate

Whatever the agreed rate per hour, this will remain standard however many hours are worked, helping to keep your labour costs firmly under control.

Accommodation is not a problem

In the event that no accommodation is available for relief staff, LKL will organise suitable arrangements in the form of a mobile home or local bed and breakfast accommodation.

LKL puts you in control

Day-to-day supervision of LKL relief staff is left with you or your manager. However, our regional managers are always available to resolve any local difficulties.

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LKL Staff Recruitment

An LKL consultant will first visit you at your farm to carry out a professional appraisal of your labour requirements. This will include the drafting of job specifications, the development of suitable remuneration packages and establishing related employment conditions.

Once this stage has been completed, we will search through our register and draw up a short list of suitably qualified candidates that meet your requirements. In the event that no suitable candidates are available, we will advise on an advertising strategy, including advertisement design and placement, and will conduct an initial screening of resulting applicants.

We will also attend short-list interviews, providing guidance and support in terms of final selection and appointment of the successful candidate. You benefit by using LKL to recruit your permanent staff so you save time.

Most vacancies can be filled from our register, avoiding the lengthy process of advertising the position and screening applicants you therefore save money. By utilising our expertise you can avoid the heavy expense involved in recruiting the wrong person you therefore minimise the risks. As people professionals we offer a guarantee on all placements made through LKL. In the event that a candidate proves to be unsuitable within the first month of service, then we will recruit a replacement free of charge.

LKL Versatility

An LKL contract can be constructed to cover management systems of livestock as well as other forms of farm enterprise.

The choice is yours: From the selection of suitably qualified candidates we put forward, you choose the person or persons you feel best satisfy your requirements. Our help in making your choice is there if you need it.

Eliminate recruitment costs: We provide a choice of candidates from our own resources, thereby eliminating any recruitment costs you might otherwise incurr.

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