Advantages of Contract Herdcare from LKL Services


Professional Service

Professional Service

A contract through LKL provides the opportunity to share your staffing problems with professionals and gain from an expert viewpoint in recruitment and man management.

Recruitment Service


The cost of recruiting the sub-contract herdsman is covered in the annual contract price. Any further recruitment is also carried out free of charge. 350 plus herdspersons rely on LKL to find rewarding work in the farming industry.

Labour Supply

Labour Supply

LKL undertake to guarantee the supply of labour. Therefore if the herdsperson is ill, leaves, or is unable to carry out his/her duties for any other reason, a relief person will be supplied by the company within the original contract price.

Working Standards

Working Standards

LKL operate to specific service standards in regard to the quality of work undertaken and indemnify the farmer within adequate financial limits against damage to his livestock or property caused by the proven negligence of the contract worker.

Accurate Budgeting


LKL's fixed price for the contract year enables the farmer to budget accurately and removes the hidden extras caused by National Insurance, sickness, holidays, overtime etc.

Housing Help


LKL licence the herdsperson's accommodation from the farmer and should the contract cease, it will be handed back to the farmer with vacant possession guaranteed. Should an eviction become necessary, LKL initiate the proceedings and pay the court costs. The farmer is also indemnified against any damage to the property, fair wear and tear excepted.

Manager Inspection


An LKL manager regularly visits the unit to review with the farmer that work is carried out to the expected standard already outlined in the schedule of services and agreed with the farmer. A meeting with the farmer and herdsperson is arranged by prior appointment

Special Points Of Interest

Special Points Of Interest

LKL's monthly newsletter and technical notes keep farmers informed about a variety of current topics in dairy farming which includes LKL's monthly results on some 120,000+ contracted cows. There is also a monthly competition for herdsman with prizes to be won.

Costing System


LKL provide an independent costing system and our current 12 month rolling MOPF for all herds is all ahead of industry averages. See the costings section elsewhere on this site or visit