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LKL - The Company

Over half a century ago, Loring, King and Loring (LKL) pioneered the provision of relief and contract milking staff to dairy farmers. Since then, LKL Services has progressively introduced and developed additional staff-based services to meet the ever changing needs of the agricultural industry and has gained an unrivalled reputation as the leading provider of high quality personnel to farming enterprises throughout the UK. Our close ties with a large number of farms, many of which have been using LKL services for over 20 years, reflects our total commitment to meeting the needs of individual farmers by providing staff with the right skills and motivation. LKL's people expertise is also widely acknowledged by many of major farming industry's institutions and government departments, which has led to numerous introductions and subsequent business relationships.

LKL's network of field-based managers, supported by a small team of specialists based at our Salisbury headquarters, is responsible for maintaining regular contact with farm owners and managers, providing help and advice on all aspects of farming personnel management.

LKL Regional Managers

Guaranteed Labour


Teams of experienced Regional Managers will call on you regularly and deal with any issues arrising. They handle pay reviews and can organise access to training opportunities. 

Assured Accommodation


We ensure housing is of a good standard and any maintenance issues are dealt with.

Costs of Staff


Lkl pay promptly & electronically into your bank account and ensure that rates are competitive and reviewed regularly.

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