Relief Opportunities


Relief work with LKL offers a real opportunity to boost your income. With LKL's relief service you can use your dairying skills to great effect by providing valuable services to dairy farmers. Many herd carers make relief work their full time occupation, earning above average salaries and gaining valuable experience on a wide variety of dairy farms.

LKL will provide you with high quality positions, without the hassle of finding work yourself. We pay top rates, look after all the administration and pay you instantly, collecting the money ourselves.


  • Top quality positions on a variety of farms
  • Fast payment direct to your bank account
  • Guaranteed wages above the national average
  • Full or part time options
  • LKL collects money from farmers
  • LKL takes care of all administration
  • LKL carries the risk other companies don't
  • Quick payment system: LKL carries the risk of late payment by farmers
  • Accommodation and catering arrangements if needed
  • Travel allowance payments
  • All jobs approved by an experienced management team
  • Full cover against claims
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