Farm Safety Week 2021 - 19th - 23rd July

Posted on 16 Jul 2021
Farm Safety Week 2021 - 19th - 23rd July

HSE has yet to report the accident statistics for the last 12 months - but sadly the number of fatalities reported on farm are expected to be almost double that of last year.

Many of the causes of the accidents are all too familiar and include falling during work at height, struck by a moving vehicle or crushed by a vehicle or machine or fatality injured by cattle.

So, therefore, we mustn't become complacent and always strive for best practice.

The Farm Safety Foundation in their campaign are encouraging everyone who works on farm to 'Take a moment' to stop and think about safety - and encourages everyone to do one thing to improve health and safety on farm.

Maintaining good health and safety standards on farm is not just one persons responsibility - it needs everyone to play their part.

See our July Newsletter Safety article - which encourages everyone to be their own 'Safety Champion' and 'Sort or Report hazards

Here are some suggestions of safe ways of working - to check that you are following:

  • Don't drive a Telehandler or Quad bike - unless you have received formal training from a qualified trainer and have been issued with a certificate. If you need training contact your Regional Manager to arrange some. Here at LKL we have our own trainer, James Picot
  • Always wear the PPE you have been provided with - including Quad bike helmets, gloves, and gauntlets, goggles, boots and apron for handling chemicals.
  • Be careful around vehicles. Make sure you follow the 'Safe stop' procedure. Wear your hi-vis if working in yards where there are vehicle movements and make sure the driver knows you are there.
  • Carry out routine visual checks on vehicles before you use them, mirrors, lights, PTO guards etc, to ensure they are all in place and working correctly.
  • Make sure children have safe secure areas to play - away from vehicles, machinery and livestock and are adequately supervised. The summer break is coming up so ensure that children play in secure gardens away from dangerous farm equipment. Remember it's illegal for children 13 years or under to drive or ride in farm vehicle such as a tractor and even in cabs they can fall out of windows or inadvertently hit controls.

See Farm Safety Focus page for more information and links.