LKL Contractor Health and Safety Handbook in Romanian

Posted on 15 Feb 2018
LKL Contractor Health and Safety Handbook in Romanian

The LKL Staff Health and Safety Handbook provides staff with a copy of the Company Policy statement and their safety responsibilities whilst working on the farm and a background to relevant health and safety legislation. It includes key risk assessments and some safe working practice advice.

The final section requires staff to find out about the important farm safety and emergency information when they first start work on the farm as part of their on farm induction and to complete an induction return slip.

The handbook is now available in English, Polish and Romanian. An English copy will always be sent out to the farm for Farm Managers.

If you require any additional copies for LKL staff, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we would be pleased to help you.

Don’t forget to return your completed induction slip to your RM or the office.