LKL Launch Farm Health and Safety Policy Template

Posted on 1 Oct 2021
LKL Launch Farm Health and Safety Policy Template

LKL launches its Farm Health and Safety Policy template in response to the new requirements of the Red Tractor Assurance standards.

At the end of the summer we were reminded of the recent changes to the standards set out by the Red Tractor's Dairy Assurance scheme including revised standards for Health and Safety and a new section that applies to all Agricultural Sectors.

In light of the shocking fatality statistics reported early in the year for Agriculture - it felt that it needed to set higher expectations and now requires all scheme members to produce a written Health and Safety Policy document regardless of the number of workers. (Current Health and Safety legislation only requires that the Health and safety arrangements for the business are written down if they have 5 or more workers).

There is some guidance on the HSE website but we recognised that this would still be something that some Farm business owners might find challenging to produce in a short time.

Our Health and Safety Advisor has therefore produced a simple working Health and Safety Policy template to help you make a start and for guidance for you to adapt to your own farm.

Its important that you read the template and adapt and personalise the document to reflect what you do have in place on your own farm. An Assurance Inspector will identify that the document is not correct if you state that there is something in place but there is no evidence of it.

Once you have set out your policy don't forget to communicate it to your staff and subcontractors and make sure they understand the safety and welfare arrangements that are in place and what you also require them to do to help maintain health and safety standards.

You can find the Health and Safety Policy template here.

Don't hesitate to contact your Regional Manager if you have any problems or queries of what to do.

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