Müller invests £15m in upgrading Scottish dairy processing

Posted on 19 Feb 2019
Müller invests £15m in upgrading Scottish dairy processing

Müller has invested £15m in a project to upgrade Scotland’s largest fresh milk dairy in Bellshill, securing 265 jobs in the area.

The project by Müller Milk & Ingredients is the largest single investment in Scottish dairy processing in over ten years. The upgrade of the former Wiseman plant was part of the company’s three-year restructuring plan, which saw the closure of outdated dairies in Aberdeen and East Kilbride.

Capacity for over 370 million litres of fresh milk

Bellshill’s processing capacity is now up to more than 370 million litres of fresh milk and cream each year. The new dairy now also has a new filling hall for making cream products, two new milk production lines and an extended chill space; it is now also the only Scottish dairy that manufactures 100% recyclable milk bottles on-site.

The completion of this project comes as Müller Milk & Ingredients (MMI) launches a £100m cost and margin improvement programme in the UK. The programme, dubbed Project Darwin, aims to review every aspect of the company’s practices in order to simplify processes and reduce costs.

“Fresh milk is loved by British families with 96% of UK households having milk in their fridges,” said MMI CEO Patrick Müller. “But the market environment has changed significantly due to global dairy market volatility, decline in consumption and changes in retailing and we need to adapt.”

Bellshill is part of this restructure; Mr Müller says that milk from Bellshill is sourced from local farmers and stored in fridges for less than two days after leaving farms.

“We are unique in Scotland in that our 100% recyclable packaging is not shipped in from miles away. It’s manufactured in an adjacent site before being directly passed to our filing lines," he added.

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