UK dairy industry joins global sustainability initiative

Posted on 27 Feb 2020
UK dairy industry joins global sustainability initiative

The UK Dairy Roadmap has joined a global sustainability initiative, pledging the dairy industry’s commitment to supportable and eco-friendly farming. 

The UK Dairy Roadmap, which includes farmers, retailers, dairy manufacturers, government and industry partners, aims to deliver targets and reports on environmental matters relevant to the dairy industry. In order to build on its successes over the past 10 years, it has now signed up to join the Global Sustainability Initiative. The move displays the UK’s commitment to improving the industry’s global environmental impact while maintaining its high-quality produce and protecting farmers’ living. 

The purpose of the Dairy Sustainability Framework is to provide the industry with common goals and clear guidance on its actions in order to provide safe and nutritious products from healthy cattle all while preserving natural resources and ensuring the livelihoods of those across the industry. It encourages the dairy sector to adopt a holistic approach to sustainability and focuses on regional and local sustainability programmes, bringing together those within the dairy trade and using this collaborative framework to advance progress. In order to deliver the vision set out by the Global Sustainability Initiative, the UK Dairy Roadmap plans to implement a process of materiality and priority setting. 

Keeping the UK at the forefront of the dairy industry

The Policy and Sustainability Director of Dairy UK, Peter Dawson said: “Joining the Dairy Sustainability Framework will ensure that the UK is at the forefront of sustainability reporting globally, and once again shows as a sector we’re driving improvements in meeting and measuring sustainability targets”. 

Michael Oakes, NFU Dairy Board Chairman, believes it’s important that dairy farmers across the world work together “to improve the dairy industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability.” He goes on to say that the UK industry has “made significant progress in its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, water usage and waste management on farm are testament to our ambitions.”

Another expert, Gywn Jones, AHDB Dairy Chairman, believes joining the initiative is a vital step towards maintaining trust between the consumer and dairy farmers. She said: “The environment is increasingly of concern to consumers so it’s right that we’re open with our data to maintain the high levels of trust dairy farmers have with the public. Britain is ideally suited to dairy farming so it’s great to have this opportunity to showcase how sustainable we are as a sector and reflect the progress we’ve made over the last decade.”

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