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Herdsperson-Harrogate- Yorkshire-RSweb1891

Herdsperson-Harrogate- Yorkshire-RSweb1891, Yorkshire

Added 3 May 2019

Job Summary

We require a keen and enthusiastic herdsperson to help run all elements of a modern and progressive dairy farm near Harrogate in Yorkshire.


Job Skills

Key responsibilities will include milking the herd twice a day (with an assistant), foot trimming (own roll-over crush), treatment of sick cows, herd health & fertility and some record keeping. 

The successful candidate must have previous milking experience, be a good foot trimmer, be able to think for themselves and be able to work alongside the owners running this successful business.

Reference: RSweb1891

Job Description

The farm has a recently installed 40:40 parlour with; ACRs, milk meters, feeders, auto shedding gate and backing gate to milk the 400 Holstein cows yielding 9,500 litres. Modern cow housing and new machinery make this a very efficient farm with excellent working conditions.

In return we offer a competitive salary with bonus schemes, a beautiful new 4- bedroom house with en-suite master bedroom and oil central heating amongst other things, which is on farm, free from rent and council tax and the opportunity to be a key part in a successful and progressive business.


Location: The farm is located approximately 3 miles from the picturesque town of Harrogate in Yorkshire which has excellent transport links and very good local schools.

The Farm:  The modern and progressive farm comprises of approximately 750 acres carrying 400 milking cows with youngstock and beef being reared on a second unit on the farm.

The farm has made significant investment over the past few years resulting in excellent facilities and working environment for both staff and cow. Key farm facts are as follows:

• Recently installed Fullwood 40:40 parlour

o ACRs

o Milk meters

o Feeders

o Auto ID

o Auto shedding gate

o Backing gate

• AYR calving

• Excellent cow housing

• Cubicles fitted with mattresses - bedded with saw-dust

• Excellent handling facilities

• Part Automatic scrapers

• Tipping troughs

• Roll-over foot trimming crush

• Cow tracks

• Telescopic handler

• TMR mixer wagon

Staffing: As well as the two owners who work full-time on the farm there is also a full-time assistant herdsperson and part-time workers who carry out relief milking and tractor work.

The Herd: The herd currently consists of 400 commercial Holstein cows yielding 9,500 litres. It is the farm’s aim to further increase this if possible.

Calving takes place all year round and all replacements are reared in-house with beef calves also reared in-house. 

Milk is sold to Arla on a liquid contract

Feet & Fertility:  All AI is carried out by RMS. The current calving index is <400 days.

Regular foot trimming takes place on the cows and in carried out internally with the use of their own Roll-Over crush making trimming very easy for the herdsperson. Cows are regularly foot bathed after milking.

Nutrition: Cows which are in calf are grazed during the summer months and fed the following TMR during the winter (and also as a buffer when required):

• Grass silage

• Wholecrop silage

• Lucerne

• Blend

• Molasses

• Vits & Mins

Nutritional advice is carried out by an external nutritionist.

The Role: A competent and experienced herdsperson is required to milk the herd twice a day (with assistance), foot trim and treat sick cows.

The Person: You need to be a self-motivated and accomplished herdsperson who in keen on producing clean milk and who also has a keen interest in foot trimming.

A proven track record in a similar position is also essential for this role.

Remuneration: In return for your efforts we offer a highly competitive salary with bonus schemes, regular time off and new 4 bed house on-farm which is super-insulated has oil central heating and a master en-suite bedroom, free from rent and council tax.

For an informal discussion regarding this vacancy or any other queries please contact  Rob Stephenson on 07557 920255










For an informal discussion please contact Rob Stephenson on 07557 920255.

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