Born Mucky - New TV show reveals reality of farming

Posted on 22 Oct 2019
Born Mucky - New TV show reveals reality of farming

For many people, when they think of living on a farm, they picture idyllic scenery, docile animals and tractor driving fun. Well, a new TV series that’s set to air next year will capture the realities of what living on a modern British farm is really like. 

The show, which will be called ‘Born Mucky', will tell the story of three different British farms; Treflach Farm in Shropshire, Wye Farm in Herefordshire and Village Farm in Peterborough. Commissioned by Quest, a channel owned by Discovery, Born Mucky’s 10 episodes will explore the ‘resilience and commitment required to keep farms thriving.’ It will look at the agricultural industry as a whole and delve into what farming families must do to survive the difficult and competitive industry. 

Demonstrating the realities of farming

Discovery’s Head of Factual and Sport, Simon Downing suggess the reason behind commissioning the programme is that ‘audiences love programmes that celebrate British industry, culture and craftsmanship.’ He goes on to say that ‘Born Mucky shines a light on an oft-overlooked part of British life, and the people who worked tirelessly to make a living off the land.’ Indeed, the show certainly seems set to smash the stereotype that farming provides a completely relaxed country lifestyle. 

The new programme is in very capable hands as its producers are CTVC, an independent production company responsible for a number of BAFTA award winning shows. Their CEO Caroline Matthews is confident in Born Mucky's success because of the allure of rural life. She believes the countryside ‘is a source of national pride and fascination, but behind the hedgerows farm life is filled with constant challenges, hope and hard work.’ She goes on to say the show will be a hit thanks to a winning formula of ‘men, machines and plenty of mud’ and that CTVC are’ thrilled to be bringing agricultural programming to Discovery’s Quest.’ Born Mucky is expected to air in 2020. 

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